Established in 1985, Skyline Home Loans is a full-service, direct lender ranked one of the top mortgage companies in the nation. Since we opened our doors, we’ve only had one goal: to help families buy homes.

Nowadays, the mortgage process is just as confusing, expensive, and long as it was back when we started… But we’re changing all that. We’ve created a cutting edge system that cuts down on time and paperwork, closing your loan faster.

We make financing as easy as possible. And when it comes to making a purchase as big and essential as a home, the easier, the better!

But it’s not just what we do that’s important to us; it’s also how we do it.

Skyline is committed to the five core values that have governed our work for the last three decades.

We vow to:
  1. Treasure people
  2. Bring out the best
  3. Create smiles
  4. Eliminate drama
  5. Own the outcome

Not only are we growing rapidly with more than 50 branches and nearly 600 employees nationwide, we are also a company of principle. To learn more about how we chose our core values, click here.