Efficiency and User Experience in the Lending Process

By September 27, 2017Food for thought

Every person working in the mortgage industry and every mortgage consumer has at some point thought, “I wish this process were faster.” If the closing process were sped up, everyone would benefit. But there have been lots of obstacles like compliance and antiquated technology that slow things down.

And a confusing interface that makes borrowers feel frustrated certainly doesn’t help.

But neither of these problems is without a solution. And we know, because we’ve been successfully working on these problems for the better part of a decade.

The industry-wide average for closing a loan is nearly a month and a half. That’s a long time, and when you’re a homebuyer who desperately wants to get financing taken care of, it feels like an eternity.

At Skyline, our average is significantly faster, and that means a whole lot more peace of mind.

And we’ve managed to do all that with a sleek user interface and plenty of support for borrowers. Our borrowers benefit from the transparency of our process as well as efficiency of our technology. It’s a classic win-win.

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