Financial Trends and How They Affect the Workplace

It’s no secret that millennials don’t do things like previous generations, and how they handle finances is no exception, for better or for worse. But millennials aren’t the only ones blazing trails. If you analyze any group of people or generation, you’ll find unique trends.

It’s this individualized spirit that helps define the times, but it also makes it difficult to create any “one size fits all” financial plans.

You must consider a few important realities:

  1. This generation has debt and is concerned about it
  2. Many millennials and Gen-Xers feel financially insecure
  3. Planning for retirement is a major concern
  4. So is having adequate monthly cash flow

One of the most innovative ways to address some of these concerns is by offering assistance purchasing a home.

Many people, particularly millennials, feel that home ownership may be out of their reach, so having a program through an employer can help employees feel more financially secure and address apprehension about retirement in one fell swoop, all while achieving the quintessential ‘American dream.’

Programs like this attract talent and show employees how valued they are by employers by helping invest in their future.

Skyline can help set up a program for any company to help employees navigate through the home buying process, along with great financial perks. Contact us to find out how you can offer this program.

Source: Jan 3, 2017