How to Build Your Social Media Following with Humor


Social media is as powerful in business as it is in real life, but often there’s a disconnect between having a social media account and actually getting business from it.

The missing link is building your following.

If you’ve already done all the usual stuff like invited friends and family to like your page, asked former clients to follow you, and include links to your profiles on every piece of digital content you can produce, you might feel like you’ve hit a wall.

But humor is the comically oversized mallet that can break that wall.

If there’s one thing that catches your eye on social media (aside from celebrity gossip), it’s probably a funny post.

So how does that apply to you as a loan officer? Here’s how.

You probably know that when one of your followers likes something, it shows up on the feeds of all of their friends. So you need compelling content that people will like, even people that don’t necessarily know you. That’s where humor comes in.

  • If you see something funny that you think others will like, go ahead and repost it and feel free to add your own spin to it.
  • Be sure that most, if not all, of your funny posts come in the form of graphics. No matter how funny your text is, it’s a lot easier to catch someone’s eye with something visual, or a combination of the two like a meme.
  • And if you want to come up with your own humorous content, more power to you!
  • Know your audience. Why are you trying to attract? Keep this question in mind when you’re choosing what to post. Different demographics have different senses of humor.
  • Post with a purpose. A myriad of random funny posts might help you gain followers, but you won’t be able to turn them into clients unless what you post at least some posts that have to do with the mortgage industry to clue people into what you do.

Growing your following won’t make you an overnight success, but it’s an important part of building your brand. So start harnessing that funny bone today!