Skyline loan officers are highly trained and fully equipped to work with you for a successful refinance of your loan. Contact your local loan officer to learn more and get started.

Check Your Credit

Before starting the process, be sure to clear up any inaccuracies on your credit report. Do so at least 60 days prior to starting the refinance process so that any issues can be resolved before starting.

Gather Needed Documents

Having the following information (as it applies to you) ready in an electronic format to expedite the process. (Mortgage Checklist)

Step One

Complete the online application. This is a question- and –answer form to help us gather basic information about you. Your information is secure.

Step Two

Your credit is run automatically and for free to get you your FICO score and other buying-power information.

Step Three

After the loan officer has reviewed your application, an appraisal will be ordered to establish the value of your property.

Step Four

A protected, personal loan center is created for you where your documents will be stored and text/email alerts will notify you through the process.