Introducing Skyline’s Executive’s Council

By August 17, 2017Skyline News

Skyline has officially launched our Executives Council, an elite group of individuals who will act as influential decision makers and have a direct impact on the future of our company. Each member of the Executive Council is one of our top 12 loan originators, ranked in our President’s Producers Club. They are then nominated by their Divisional Vice President as someone who offers a unique perspective on the mortgage industry with knowledge and experience about how to achieve success as a loan officer.

Chosen based on performance and potential, these individuals have distinguished themselves and embody Skyline’s Core Values in their everyday activities. They are the best of the best and serve as an example to others.

We are very excited about the inaugural Executive’s Council meeting this week where we will discuss new opportunities, evaluate existing programs, and discuss proposals that will help us further our goals.

Stay tuned to see what this group comes up with!